under the table

ben brandt
kate gilmore
fabio j. fernández and tom lauerman 
mathew mcconnell
jeffry mitchell
kristen morgin
thomas müller
akio takamori

Curated by Margaret Meehan
November 3 – December 15, 2012
Opening reception Saturday, November 3, 6 - 8 pm

The premise of the exhibition is taken from a Mike Kelley and Paul McCarthy collaboration entitled Heidi whose opening sequence has 2 puppets debating the paradigm of subversion through the phrases “on the table” and “under the table.” This show starts from an understanding that on the table alludes to kitsch and under the table references perversion. From debating puppets comes the title and a starting point for a discussion about clay’s potential and place as a material within the contemporary art world.

Artists of all mediums are working with clay right now and as a consequence there is also an interdisciplinary bleed between ceramics, photography, drawing, video and sculpture that can seem dirty, frightening or dangerous to those who need the clear cut boundaries of media specificity. While ceramics has been equated with kitsch, because of the historical judgment of craft as a lower art form, the artists in this exhibition use clay to reference a perversion. Not only as a base material that is dirty, abject, or crude but also through a sensitive, and sometimes funny, use of technique, context and content.

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